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Bone Loss

One of the major concerns for 1 in 2 women over the age of 50 is osteoporosis.  

This is the term describing bone loss.  It’s a degenerative condition, often going unnoticed until you actually break a bone.

It affects both men and women, usually in the wrists, hips and spine.


Osteoporosis is caused by bones losing their minerals, especially calcium, but there are ways to prevent your bones getting more fragile.

Your bones reach their peak by about the age of thirty, which is why exercise for young people is so important.  After that age, unless you actively do something to maintain it, bone density will decline.

Women experience bone loss during the menopause because of the dwindling hormones, especially estrogen.  This is involved in maintaining bone mass, and drops as menopause progresses, resulting in more bone breakdown and less bone building.  

It’s important to make sure you get plenty of calcium and vitamin D to help slow down the bone loss and reduce the risk of fractures after the menopause.

You should also do some daily weight bearing exercises, because when you’re upright, your skeleton acts against the force of gravity stimulating the bones to remain strong.


Standing, walking and sitting upright with your head held high, back straight and shoulders back will make you look younger and benefit your bones, so STOP slouching!

According to experts, 4 hours per day on your feet is the minimum necessary to keep your bones healthy.  Resistance training exercises are also beneficial.

That’s what’s recommended with the 7MinuteWorkout, which is something I do now and have been so impressed with it I’ve even written a book.  The program is simple and it doesn’t take very long, which is just great as far as I’m concerned.

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Of course there are other things which affect bone density like smoking, alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks, but you knew they were bad for you, didn’t you?

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Understanding Osteoporosis Exercises for Better Bones