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Male Menopause

Now technically men can’t have a male menopause because they haven’t got any ovaries, but I’m sure you know plenty of males who have a mid life crisis, don’t you?

It’s that time when some men start acting a bit “weird” and so they don’t feel left out the phenomena has been given a name –“Andropause”

This is also due to a drop in hormones- specifically testosterone, and usually affects men around the age of 50.

Although physical symptoms are only experienced by about 3% of men, they may notice hot flashes, night sweats, reduced muscle mass, muscle aches and pains, fatigue, change in body shape, weakness, irritability, depression and a reduced sex drive (which could be the reason for the irritability and depression!)

Men don’t usually discuss these things, but if you suddenly find the same little blue pills bedside the cabinet, it’s a pretty good indication the “andropause” has struck.

Top tip- buy him a garden shed!

Only joking- same advice applies for men as it does for women-

Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains.  Take plenty of muscle building exercise, and take up a hobby (or two).

The “midlife crisis” is when many men seem to act completely out of character. You’ll find them wearing the clothes, driving the cars and bikes, and doing the things they either did, or wished they’d done many years earlier.

Why is that?

Are they just being childish, and need to “grow up”?

For many men and women, mid life is a wake-up call.  It’s a stark reminder of ambitions unfulfilled, changing physical appearance and declining health.

Suddenly, you no longer feel immortal and death is no longer something for a distant time.  

The menopause for women is often a difficult time, because apart from fluctuating hormones, it’s also when many children leave home, and the “empty nest syndrome” leaves them feeling lost.

Men feel it too.

Often it’s not enough to know their family love them; they also want to be seen as a success.  By the time middle age hits, many men feel they haven’t achieved all they’d intended, and time is running out.  

Friends, and people they’ve grown up with look older, TV stars age and fade away, and a feeling of irrelevance often sets in.

Some men question whether they’re there just to pay the bills?  Will they just be a wage slave until they die? Will they ever get the recognition they deserve? Does anyone even notice them anymore?  

They experience the same feelings women do, but whereas most middle aged women get depressed, discuss it, visit their doctor and try to do something about it, men often bottle things up and make one last stand.  

Common sense and reason fly out of the window.

Instead of supporting a family for the rest of their lives, some men decide to just look after themselves, do what they want, when they want, and with whom they want.

Hence the “midlife crisis”

Those pesky hormones certainly have a lot to answer for!

The Male Menopause