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Memory Loss

Many women experience memory loss and forgetfulness during the menopause.

Often it starts with misplacing some items, forgetting names and sudden blanks. Whilst, this is frustrating, it needn’t be too worrying.

Sometimes, it can be due to lack of sleep.

Night sweats and insomnia often leave menopausal women exhausted, so they’re just too tired to remember everything.   Unfortunately, when this happens, women often get anxious and imagine it’s something else, which just makes thing worse.  

You can try getting a good night’s sleep, not easy, I know, but make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet.

Don’t watch TV in bed, don’t eat heavy meals after 7.00pm, drink caffeine or eat chocolate, and you can try having a relaxing bath before bed.


To keep your memory alert, you should challenge your brain with puzzles.  Make sure you enjoy them though.

Also you should exercise, because it increases oxygen flow to the brain, and reduces stress, which can also interfere with your memory.


Yoga and meditation are good.

Two ways to remember things are to make meaningful connections, or create visual images to help you remember new information.

Also you can make a mental note of what you’re going to do before you do it, or even say it out loud, like, “I’m going to go to the fridge to get a healthy bar of chocolate.  

(Oops- NO you’re not!)

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