Self Confidence
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Self Confidence

Women often suffer from a lack of self confidence during the menopause, which is understandable.  After all,  the menopause is a time when many emotional and physical changes take place, most of which are out of your control.

Your  mind is often foggy, and your can’t think straight.


The average age of “natural” menopause is about 51,

so half way through your life.

It’s a time when many women reflect on their past,

the choices they’ve made, and what their future holds.

Often they’re filled with negative thoughts,  such as –

“I’ve put on a lot of weight and can’t lose it”

“My husband doesn’t want me anymore”

“My libido’s disappeared and I feel unattractive”

“My children don’t need me anymore”

“It’s all downhill from now on as far as my career is concerned”

“It’s too late to do what I really wanted to”

However, most of these concerns are unfounded.

One good way to eliminate them is to write them down and then ask yourself;

Don’t forget YOU are your worst enemy, as far as your mind is concerned.

Often, when you see things in black and white, you can see how silly such self criticism is.


Another thing you can do is stand up straight.

Have you ever noticed how people who exude self confidence always stand tall, and have great posture?  That’s because if you stand correctly you increase your body’s supply of oxygen, and improve your blood circulation and digestion.

Yoga is great for your posture.

The menopause is a new stage in your life, and far from being over,  it can herald the start of a new beginning.  With all your past experience you have much to offer, even if it’s only in a voluntary capacity.

Keep a journal.  Write down all the things you’re grateful for, everything you have to be thankful for in your life, all you achievements, and attributes.

When you read them, you’ll feel so much better.

If all else fails, try hypnosis. Many women have found this really useful.

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