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Thinning Hair

Another side effect of the menopause is thinning hair,  and as much as 40% of women will be affected.

We normally lose 100 hairs a day, but during the menopause thinning is much more noticeable.

Again this is due to hormonal changes, particularly the drop in estrogen.

This creates an imbalance between the male (testosterone) and female (estrogen) hormones.

Too much testosterone means you’re likely to lose the hair from your head, but grow it on other parts of your body.

That’s why many women grow hair on their chin, under the belly button, their inner thigh, and lower back during the menopause.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Taking MRT can help prevent the problem, but you can also try gently massaging your scalp when shampooing your hair to increase blood flow to the hair roots.  

You should also eat a well balanced diet containing a good balance of minerals and vitamins, and ease up on the chemical treatments for your hair.  Try henna instead, which is a traditional Indian herb that acts as a natural conditioner.

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