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Time For Change

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Weight Gain

One of the really annoying things about the menopause is the excess weight, which suddenly appears around your middle.  Often referred to as middle aged spread, it’s caused by the drop in estrogen and testosterone.  

Hormones have a direct effect on your metabolism and fat storage, and when both these drop you’re faced with a double problem.

Estrogen is produced by your ovaries, but during “the change” these produce less than your body requires.

However, estrogen can be produced by body fat, so instead of burning your fat off, your body hangs onto it to ensure supplies in the future.


Testosterone is the male hormone and helps convert the calories you consume into muscle.

Muscle uses up far more calories than fat, but as your testosterone levels decrease, so does your muscle mass.  Unless you actively do something to replace it, you WILL put on weight.

If you want to lose excess FAT you need to build up your muscle and change your diet.

Try these tips -

Sorry, but weight gain is inevitable with the menopause unless you work hard to prevent it.

As someone once said-

“The only place RESULT comes before WORK is in the dictionary”

It’s important to work on your middle age spread, because weight around your middle puts pressure on your internal organs, making it difficult to breathe.  Often this leads to sleep and health problems.

Just what you need, eh?

Personally, I recommend the 7MinuteWorkout  (now part of NowLifestyle) to help keep the weight off and if you read my book, you’ll see why